Bibleman villain - baroness


GOAL: get kids to argue and create conflict among friends & family
TACTIC: impersonates tutor or teacher, intimidates kids & parents
FAVE WEAPON: Conflict Crystal
HENCHMEN: none, because she openly mingles with people
TRIVIA: double winner of annual villain beauty pageant
DEFEATED BY: Forgiveness (Colossians 3:13)

Bibleman villain - dr fear

Dr. Fear

GOAL: cause fear to overwhelm kids and anybody near them
TACTIC: uses invisibility to sneak up on targets; creates fearful situations
FAVE WEAPON: the Seed of Fear
HENCHMEN: none, because they’re not smart enough
TRIVIA: is afraid of Crusher
DEFEATED BY: Peace (Philippians 4:7)

Bibleman villain - luxor spawndroth


GOAL: get kids to disobey parents & teachers
TACTIC: lures kids with gizmos, cunning, and lies
FAVE WEAPON: Disobey Ray
HENCHMEN: prefers two—one dumb, the other dumber
TRIVIA: is Bibleman’s longest-lasting adversary
DEFEATED BY: Obedience (Romans 5:19)

Bibleman villain - Master of Mean


GOAL: spread meanness through words and actions
TACTIC: tech-savvy; uses military-grade surveillance & weapons
FAVE WEAPON: missiles
HENCHMEN: none, prefers to work alone (often talks to himself)
TRIVIA: is afraid of bunny rabbits
DEFEATED BY: Kindness (Galatians 5:22)

Bibleman villain - crusher


GOAL: destroy kids’ faith through violence
TACTIC: influences kids to be violent through games and attitudes
FAVE WEAPON: Violence Wave Generator
HENCHMEN: will take whichever goons or lackeys no other villains want
TRIVIA: always wins annual least-liked-byother-villains trophy
DEFEATED BY: Gentleness (Proverbs 15:1)

Bibleman villain - mayor of maybe


GOAL: make kids question & doubt their faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
TACTIC: false friendship, gifts
HENCHMEN: none, though he could clearly use some help
TRIVIA: hates being asked if he’s a referee
DEFEATED BY: The Gospel (Romans 1:16)

Bibleman villain - Ronin


GOAL: stop goodness and spread wrongdoing
TACTIC: provides rewards for wrongdoing; uses damage and danger to scare those doing good
FAVE WEAPON: dual Wakizashi light-swords
HENCHMEN: no lackey will work for him, his trainees always get stabbed
TRIVIA: wears helmet 2 sizes too small; feels good when he takes it off
DEFEATED BY: Goodness (Galatians 6:10)

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