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Episode Guide

1. Melting the Master of Mean (An Adventure in Kindness)

Jimmy and his older brother witness the Biblevan getting into a traffic accident. But wait—was it really an accident? Uh-oh, the Master of Mean is on a rampage to destroy Bibleman and his entire team…and he doesn’t care who he hurts or what he breaks in the process.

Bible story: Mephibosheth. Key verse: 2 Samuel 9:3

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2. Clobbering the Crusher (An Adventure in Gentleness)

Even his evil employees (aka “henchmen,” “goons,” or “lackeys”) are afraid of The Crusher. But this most violent villain is also wickedly clever, luring Bibleman and Cypher into a deadly trap—and using school-kids as bait. Can Bibleman rescue the kids before Crusher destroys them all?

Bible story: Rehoboam. Key verses: Matthew 11:28-30

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3. Dr. Fear’s Almost Perfectly Disastrous Day (An Adventure in Peace)

Nobody wants to be a patient of Dr. Fear…but that doesn’t stop him from planting Seeds of Fear all over Whispering Pines Christian Camp. Will the Bible Action Team figure out why all the campers —and even the counselors—are paralyzed with fear in time to foil the Doctor’s nasty plot?

Bible story: Jesus Calms Waves. Key verse: Philippians 4:7

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4. The Mayor of Maybe Doles Out Doubt (An Adventure with The Gospel)

Bibleman answers a distress call from a pastor on a Caribbean island. A stranger is handing out free “Bubba Gum” to all the kids—and it’s causing them to severely doubt their faith! Good thing Bibleman isn’t ashamed of the gospel: he knows it is God’s power for salvation to all who believe.

Bible story: Peter’s Pentecost Sermon. Key verse: Romans 1:16

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5. Disabling the Disobey Ray (An Adventure in Obedience)

Let’s face it: Bibleman has a soft spot for Christian kids. And everybody knows it—including villain Luxor Spawndroth. So while it’s easy to lure the Bibleteam into rescuing kids in danger, the hard part for bad guys begins when the purple crew shows up. Will Bibleman be able to spot Luxor’s trap?

Bible story: Adam & Eve. Key verse: Ephesians 6:2

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6. Braving the Big Battle with the Baroness (An Adventure in Forgiveness)

Nobody expects an English tutor named Baroness Fitzhugh-Ferguson to win a congeniality award. But her influence on the Woodson kids is awful: does she want to turn them against each other? Bibleman knows she’s a villain, but can he stop her before the family is ruined?

Bible story: Jacob & Esau. Key verse: Colossians 3:13

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7. Stopping the Sultan of Selfishness (An Adventure in Contentment)

Young Tariq is from a rich family, although his parents don’t just give him whatever he wants. Uh-oh—the family’s live-in butler is secretly buying Tariq expensive gadgets and gizmos. But why? Bibleman knows why. Turns out the servant is really a wicked villain who targets the sons of wealthy families.

Bible story: Prodigal Son. Key verse: Luke 12:15

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8. A Stand for Jesus Foils Dr. Fear (An Adventure in Witnessing)

Tyler is a talented athlete, and looks forward to speaking for the Lord at Bibleman’s “Faith Night” event. It’s the first-ever baseball game at the new Slugger’s Field, so of course, Dr. Fear has targeted Tyler in hopes of ruining his testimony in the 7th inning stretch. Wait: is that Carlos Pena?

Bible story: Road to Emmaus. Key verse: 1 Thessalonias 2:4

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9. Repelling the Ronin of Wrong (An Adventure in Goodness)

Talk about a knock-down-drag-out battle! Bibleman is in a fight for his life – trapped in an underground tunnel with a ruthless, twin-sword-wield-ing villain. Yes, our man in purple chased the bad guy away from the summer work-camp kids, but should he have followed Ronin down here?

Bible story: Good Samaritan. Key verse: Galatians 6:10

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10. Getting Right Wrecks the Ronin of Wrong (An Adventure in Righteousness)

Biblegirl’s sister married a Navy captain who often deploys for several months at time. With his dad away, Biblegirl’s young nephew Caden sudden-ly refuses to go to church, and starts hanging out with a some tough boys. Bibleman suspects villainy. He’s right, and proves the Ronin Wrong.

Bible story: Cain & Abel. Key verses: 1 John 3:7

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11. Lighting Up the Shadow of Doubt (An Adventure in Faith)

Cypher and Bibleman are going to jail!? Oh, they’re visiting some young men at a juvenille detention center. Pastor Lewis is taking Logan there on Bible study day to visit his brother and meet Bibleman. Wait—who is that shadowy character in the waiting room?

Bible story: Jesus & Peter Walk on Water. Key verse: John 8:12

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12. Wiping Out the Whiner Brothers (An Adventure with Thankfulness)

Junior and Biggie Whiner complain about everything. Except money. They just LOVE money, and have hatched a plan to get rich by uncovering a secret treasure: the location of the Bibleteam headquarters.

Bible story: Jesus Heals Ten Lepers. Key verse: 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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13. Bible Brigade Versus the Ambassador of Ignorance (An Adventure in The Bible)

Beware of villains bearing gifts. Somebody left a big box of brand new tablet devices at Mount Carmel Church for the Bible Brigade team, but the Ambassador of Ignorance installed a Memory Scrambler app on those devices. Will KT and Bibleman figure it out in time?

Bible story: Peter & Cornelius. Key verse: Hebrews 10:16

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14. Ambushed by the Ambassador of Ignorance (An Adventure in Wisdom)

Some kids from Life Church unwisely posted videos of themselves pranking and elderly lady at the mall. Bibleman must find the mysterious “Iggy” person behind this mischief.

Bible story: Wise Man/Foolish Man Parable. Key verse: Luke 2:40

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15. Dispatching the Grand Duchess’ Disrespectful Desserts (An Adventure in Respect)

What kind of villain bakes wickedly delicious cinnamon buns? The kind that shows up at lunchtime to entice young Ricky to eat them—and totally lose all respect for his dad and for customers at the family-run General Store. Oh, and she also lures Bibleman into a trap. She’s one bad baker.

Bible story: Jesus as a boy. Key verse: Luke 2:52

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16. Fracturing the Falsehoods of the Fibbler (An Adventure in Truthfulness)

The new kid at school isn’t fitting in. But when some students start mocking her, she pours out a blizzard of words that totally intimidates everybody around her. Wait, why is the Bibleteam getting an alarm just because a young girl stands up to some bullies? Is there more here than meets the eye?

Bible story: Ananias and Sapphira. Key verse: John 3:21

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17. Pulverizing the Plans of the Prince of Pride (An Adventure in Humility)

With his latest invention, the Ego Boost Ray, the Prince of Pride and his dull henchman are turning middle-school Champion Mathlete, Becky Thomas, into a painfully proud person. Can the Bible team reverse the effect by using their Containment Protocol Jericho? It’s a battle-royal!

Bible story: Sit in a lower seat. Key verse: Luke 14:11

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18. Expelling the Empress of Unhappiness (An Adventure in Joy)

The sneaky Empress of Unhappiness embarrasses young Hailey into dumping her Christian CD by Exaltation for a “cooler” disc by the Empress’ own band called The Dizmalz. Hailey listens and become depressed. Maybe the Bibleteam should check out The Dizmalz concert?

Bible story: Paul & Barnabas in Pisidia. Key verse: John 15:11

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19. Spoiling the Schemes of Luxor Spawndroth (An Adventure in Self-Control)

In this 2 part episode, Luxor has finally done it. Not only has he created an addicting online video game, he’s managed to spoof the servers location luring the entire Bible team into a trap. Could this be the end of the Bible crusaders?

Bible story: Satan tempts Jesus. Key verses: Galatians 5:22-23

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20. Scrapping the Sultan’s Stinging Stickers of Selfishness (An Adventure in Patience)

The Principal of Spruce Avenue Elementary School booked some guy called The Sultan of Success as a guest speaker. What was she thinking? And what are those sticker on her lapel? Good thing the Bible team is always vigilant for threats. Or are they?

Bible story: The Patience of Job. Key verse: Proverbs 14:29

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21. Say Goodbye to the Grand Duchess of Greed (An Adventure in Generosity)

“It’s MY money, and you can’t tell me what to do with it!” Uh-oh, sounds like somebody is having second thoughts about paying their pledge to the Youth Group Fundraiser —and Lila is a member of the group! That sparkling GreeDust must have something to do with it.
Bible story: Elijah & the Widow. Key verses: Matthew 6:1-4

22. Halting the Hateful Hand of Mister Malevolent (An Adventure in Mercy)

Yes, two-on-two basketball can be very competitive, but there must still be such a thing as “a friendly game,” right? Maybe not. When Cypher sees a threat alarm at East Side Park, he’s not expecting to turn into Bibleman’s enemy. How could this happen?
Bible story: The Unmerciful Servant. Key verse: Matthew 9:13

23. Fibbler’s Fakery Goes Up in Fireworks (An Adventure in Integrity)

Kettle-corn is the best part of so many summertime fairs and festivals, like the one at Hope Fellowship Church. The Fibbler uses his invisibility to damage the kids selling the Kettle-corn: and the whole thing is all happening right under Bibleman’s nose!
Bible story: Achan at Jericho. Key verse: Proverbs 10:9

24. A Wake-Up Call for the Slacker (An Adventure in Responsibility)

Ever been in a room when somebody yawns, and soon everybody is yawning? Yes, the Slacker could just be the most “contagious” villain of all. Everybody has responsibilities—maybe it’s milking goats—and laziness always leads to trouble. Ever seen Bibleman on a farm?
Bible story: Parable of the Talents. Key verses: Galatians 6:4-5