Halting The Hateful Hand of Mister Malevolent DVD

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Join Bibleman and His Team on Four Exciting Animated Adventures!

Episode 1. Halting the Hateful Hand of Mister Malevolent (An Adventure in Mercy)
Yes, two-on-two basketball can be very competitive, but there must still be such a thing as “a friendly game,” right? Maybe not. When Cypher sees a threat alarm at East Side Park, he’s not expecting to turn into Bibleman’s enemy. How could this happen?
Bible story: The Unmerciful Servant. Key verse: Matthew 9:13

Episode 2.
Expelling the Empress of Unhappiness (An Adventure in Joy)
The sneaky Empress of Unhappiness embarrasses young Hailey into dumping her Christian CD by Exaltation for a “cooler” disc by the Empress’ own band called The Dizmalz. Hailey listens and become depressed. Maybe the Bibleteam should check out The Dizmalz concert?
Bible story: Paul & Barnabas in Pisidia. Key verse:John 15:11

Episode 3.
A Wake Up Call for the Slacker (An Adventure in Responsibility)
Ever been in a room when somebody yawns, and soon everybody is yawning? Yes, the Slacker could just be the most “contagious” villain of all. Everybody has responsibilities—maybe it’s milking goats—and laziness always leads to trouble. Ever seen Bibleman on a farm?
Bible story: Parable of the Talents. Key verses: Galatians 6:4-5

Episode 4.
Dispatching the Grand Duchess’ Disrespectful Desserts (An Adventure in Respect)
What kind of villain bakes wickedly delicious cinnamon buns? The kind that shows up at lunchtime to entice young Ricky to eat them—and totally lose all respect for his dad and for customers at the family-run General Store. Oh, and she also lures Bibleman into a trap. She’s one bad baker.
Bible story: Jesus as a boy. Key verse:Luke 2:52