Melting The Master Of Mean DVD

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Join Bibleman and His Team on Three Exciting Animated Adventures!

Episode 1. Melting the Master of Mean (An Adventure in Kindness)
Jimmy and his older brother witness the Biblevan getting into a traffic accident. But wait—was it really an accident? Uh-oh, the Master of Mean is on a rampage to destroy Bibleman and his entire team, and this villain doesn’t care who he hurts or what he breaks in the process.
Bible story: Mephibosheth. Key verse: 2 Samuel 9:3

Episode 2.
The Mayor of Maybe Doles Out Doubt (An Adventure with the Gospel)
Bibleman answers a distress call from a pastor on a Caribbean island. A stranger is handing out free “Bubba Gum” to all the kids, and it’s causing them to severely doubt their faith! Good thing Bibleman isn’t ashamed of the gospel: he knows it is God’s power for salvation to all who believe.
Bible story: Peter’s Pentecost Sermon. Key verse: Romans 1:16

Episode 3.
Dr. Fear’s Almost Perfectly Disastrous Day (An Adventure in Peace)
Nobody wants to be a patient of Dr. Fear, but that doesn’t stop him from planting seeds of fear all over Whispering Pines Christian Camp. Will the Bibleteam figure out why all the campers—and even the counselors—are paralyzed with fear in time to foil the Doctor’s nasty plot?
Bible story: Jesus Calms Waves. Key verse: Philippians 4:7